Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Fall Harvest Monday that looks like Summer

Surprisingly we haven't had a frost and the garden is still producing tomatoes and a lot of hot peppers. Saturday I harvested 12 oz of Serrano peppers and 6 oz of Jalapeno peppers. There are quite a few bell, paprika, cayenne, more serrano and hot cherry peppers on the plants. We are supposed to have a very warm week. I am going to leave them on the plants in hope of them turning red, yellow or orange.

Over the past 3 weeks more then 10 lbs of usable tomatoes have been harvested and 11 oz. of eggplant. Yesterday I pulled out 5 more tomato plants, leaving only 2 viable plants in the garden. The "Matt's Wild Cherry" and an "Amish Paste" are the only tomato plants remaining. I had left 2 eggplants in the ground hoping that the small fruit would grow a bit. However, they did not get enough sunlight and warmth to grow so I decided to pull the plants yesterday as well.

12 oz. Serrano Peppers

A nice variety of tomatoes

Harvest Total: 12 lbs 2 oz. (3 weeks)

Eggplant - 11 oz.
    Hot - 1 lb. 3 oz.
    Bell - 4 oz.
Tomatoes - 10 lbs. 4 oz.

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  1. Beatiful harvest! We've got tomatoes ripening in the house, and can't possibly eat them all...

  2. Wow! I am so amazed by your harvest! It looks wonderful! Definitely looks like a summer harvest.

  3. Wow you are still harvesting different type of tomatoes. I tried to count how many varieties, at least 10 I think. Hope you can still prolong summer veggies there.

  4. EG, Thanks, we can never have too many tomatoes in this house! "The Italian" uses more then I can!

    Mimi, My harvest next week will look more like a fall harvest.

    MK girl, Thanks for counting! There are probably about 10 varities there. This will be the last week of an abundance of tomatoes here.

  5. Summer harvest for sure! I wish we still had chilies rolling in.

    Our first frost came and went with little fanfare.

  6. Glad that your frost is holding off. Those chili peppers look great. We had our first killing frost back on 10/10 and have had many since. It's fall/winter gardening for me.

  7. Great looking produce.

    We seem to be having a frost every night, which is a pain as I seem to spend dusk fleecing up the plants, and dawn removing it again.

  8. Lovely harvest that makes me long for the return of summer! Those tomatoes in particularly look very yum!

  9. Lovely harvest, impressive and beautiful/ Tyra

  10. Congrat Robin, what a lovely harvest, impressive and beautiful/ Tyra

  11. Got to enjoy the summer crops while we can! Interesting your Amish Paste is still going. Mine is too!

  12. Your peppers and tomatoes look gorgeous! Great colors!

  13. Your tomatoes are beautiful - love the rainbow of colors.

  14. Wow lots of peppers! Nice to see the tomatoes still as well. Mine got blight again so no late harvest for me... :-(

  15. Those serranos are really lovely, and the continuing tomato harvest is very impressive, Robin!

    Every time the night time temps are forecasted to dip below mid-30s, I hold my breath waiting for that first frost, but so far we've been lucky as well.

  16. Thomas, It's amazing how well the chilies and bells are doing right now.

    Emily, We don't have a frost in the forecast. We usually have had one by now.

    IG, All of the dressing and undressing of the garden will keep you busy and out of trouble :)

    Villager, I pulled the Amish Paste today. The Matt's Wild Cherry was right next to it and totally infested with aphids.

    Laura, TYRA, Megan & Barbie, Thanks, we are enjoying the last of the summer veggies.

    Dan, I didn't get any blight this year....Thank God!

    Minji, The tomatoes are done. I pulled the last two plants today. The one was infested with aphids. The peppers are still doing well though.

  17. lucky lucky! A summer harvest in October - so envious!

  18. Pretty peppers. I just made some pickled peppers today to preserve mine. I hope they last a while, but we haven't gotten a frost yet either so there might be more soon. I can hope at least.

  19. Stevie, The tomatoes are finished. I still have a lot of peppers out there though.

    Daphne, I pickled some peppers yesterday and hopefully will pickle more! There are dozens of peppers out there.


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