Monday, November 22, 2010

Harvest Monday....Beans & Greens

This past week, I harvested some more mustard greens. I also made a Mustard Green Gratin dish that I found here. The gratin was absolutely delicious! I think it would be good with any type of greens including spinach.

The dry beans were finally all dried and shelled. I didn't plant many this year and the harvest was very small. It's enough for a couple of winter dishes though. Next year I plan to plant a lot more and more varieties. They are just so pretty.

Jacob's Cattle (2 different seed sources) & Great White Northern

Harvest Total: 2 lbs.
Mustard Greens - 8 oz.
Dried Beans:
    Great White Northern - 6 oz.
    Jacob's Cattle - 1lb. 2oz.

Stop by Daphne's Dandelions our host of Harvest Monday to see more Fall harvests!


  1. That is a nice bean harvest.
    This year I had just a small amount of dried beans, so I am leaving all of them for seed for next year.

  2. Oh gosh, those dry beans on the left are gorgeous! Pretty enough to just have sitting around for looks, I think...

  3. I love how decorative the jars of beans are. My dried beans ended up commingled (only two varieties). I have a hard time growing them and getting them dried down in my environment - since we go to really wet conditions in the fall and unless they are really dried down and out of the garden ahead of time - you lose alot to molds etc. I still manage to get some when I choose to grow them - but it is quite the challenge!

  4. Those beans are lovely and I love the pgoto with the jar. I found it to be way too much effort to grow dry beans - so much for so few meals - but I have a small urban garden.

  5. Those look so nice! I am hoping to include beans next year!

  6. Hi, I am glad to find your blog. I hope that it is ok that i include your blog in my blogs from abroad. Have a nice week/Gela

  7. MojVrt, Thanks, it's just enough for a couple of dishes

    EG, I just love the look of all the different dry beans too. I usually plant several varieties.. next year!

  8. I really agree! Beans look lovely and I will definitely grow much more next year!
    Take care,

  9. I wish I had more room to grow dry beans. There are so many lovely varieties, but I think they take a lot of room for the amount you get. They are pretty in those jars!

  10. Laur, It's too bad that dry beans don't do well in your area. They are just so pretty

    Stevie, We have a very small urban garden as well. I plant them later in the season when I have room in a bed. Some years I have more room then other years.

    Shawn Ann, You really should try to fit them in your garden next year.

    Gela, Thanks so much. No, I don't mind that you have included me in your blogs from abroad. I really appreciate it.

    Charlotta, I did recieve a very beautiful variety of bean seed from a fellow blogger. I can't wait to plant it next year!

  11. I do love the look of the dried beans in the jars. What kind of dishes do you like to make with dried beans?

  12. I'll echo the statement about how pretty the dry beans look.
    I only managed to grow about a pound or so of ottawa cranberry beans but they look and taste amazing! I'll definitely try for more variety next year!

  13. The beans really look beautiful in the jars! So clean and sharp with the color contrast.

  14. Villager, Fred & VP, Thanks, I love those old jars for storing things in, especially dried beans

    Michelle, I make baked beans & chili. "The Italian" will probably make some type of pasta dish with them since we don't have a lot

  15. Perfect example of genetic drift and one of the reasons, I suggest sourcing seed locally whenever possible. Funny, I have both varieties of bean to grow out next year but have tried neither yet.

  16. I really love dried beans in glass jars. All mine are displayed in the living room. Yours are beautiful.

  17. Hi Robin, I picked some Mustard and mixed greens today that were planted last year..I saw your recipe for Mustard Green Gratin, which sounds delicious..I'm sure I'll have enough next time I pick to try the recipe. Thanks for posting it...


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