Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cooking with Cat Hair or should I say....

trying not to! Right before our wedding a couple of years ago, we did a little work on the kitchen. We decided to take out the old radiator before we installed the new tile floor. Although we wanted to install radiant heat, we didn't get around to it. So, we installed a kick space heater in the island cabinet.

As you can see....this is the favorite spot for the cats to sleep in the winter! A great deal of the time, both the cats are there. This is Alvin, the almost blind great vole catcher.

As you can see, this is the absolute worse place for the cats to sleep....right under your feet while your trying to cook!

Right above the island is the pot, the heat blows on the cats and sends the cat hair flying right on to everything on the pot rack. Yesterday, I took Alvin to the groomer and he got a haircut and a bath. This will help a great deal....since, Alvin has a very thick coat and is the biggest culprit in the cat hair department.

Now, I think he is cold......he has been right there in our way since his haircut yesterday! He does look very content though!!


  1. LOL, what a post title! Cute kitty, I remember when I was a kid on the farm the old style fridges kicked out a lot of heat in the front on bottom and my mom would open the screen door and let the barn cats in during the winter, she would yell "you got 10 minutes"! (she always said she hated cats) and they would run over and lay there, but then an hour later they would still be there.. :) what a softie

  2. Alvin looks very happy there! Great picture, the last one!

  3. What a lovely post! What do we NOT do, for our lovely cats?!!
    Take care,

  4. Alvin is so cute! It's hard fighting the cat hair, especially when they like the kitchen. Several months ago when we though Shel was dying, she was sleeping next to the refrigerator for the heat. Now she's recovered - I think an alien cat invaded her body while we boarded her at the vet while we were on vacation - she doesn't hang around the kitchen much unless we're in there.

    Cute post!

  5. Aw... those darn cats!!!

    Our cats hand around the vents too!

    You know in our house, I try to enforce a "DON'T PET THE CATS IN THE KITCHEN!" rule... but...

  6. We're quite used to finding short, fine, black Annie hairs in everything. She has even learned to open the lower cupboards, so she can snoop among the pots and pans. Otto doesn't seem to shed, thank heavens. Hairs from one dog are quite enough, thank you.

    I received your card yesterday, thank you! I *heart* you guys!


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