Monday, January 31, 2011

Community Plots.....confirmed!!!

Yes, our plots at the Community Gardens have been confirmed!! Although I was told that we did have plots 7 & 8 on the 20th of January, I wanted a confirmation to ease my mind. Now I feel comfortable to start purchasing the materials we will need to get these babies in shape!

Across the front of the plots we are going to install  5 or 6 foot high fencing. This little baby gate will be replaced with a 5' x 5' gate and moved a few feet to the left. A structure will be built a few feet to the left of the new gate. This structure will be 6' x 6' with a gutter & downspout attached to a rain barrel system. I think that 6' x 6' will give us adequate space for a cabinet and a table & chairs.

This old cold frame and some other things are in the left back corner of the plots, next to the over grown raspberries (I think). Across the back of the plots there is a section of fence missing. I didn't measure it when I was there, so I'm not sure exactly how much fence is missing. We also need to put up bunny protection around the perimeter of the plots. Although spray works most of the time, I'm not taking any chances. I had one bad bunny a couple of years ago that ate all of my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants in one night when they were little! I am planning to install 2' high chicken wire buried a bit in the ground. This will also help with groundhogs. The same year I had a bad bunny I also had a groundhog that ate all of my beans and the peas two times in one season!!

The basic garden layout and some bed details are finished. I will post a layout and more details some time this week. Hopefully we will have a mild March (which is predicted) and we will be able to get a lot of work done!


  1. Gosh..and I thought I had it bad. Bunnies AND groundhogs?!? My backyard swarms with bunnies even though you'd think that with 3 dogs I'd be the last place a rabbit would want to be.

    So far no deer though. We have relatives in Ohio and the garden is practally a fortress of deer netting.

  2. I haven't had any damage from critters however I did see evidence of a rabbit trying to nest in the straw mulch around my tomato plants. I dumped a good dose of cayenne pepper in the nesting spot and covered it back up with straw and didn't have any more trouble with that. Of course I haven't grown any leafy vegetables that rabbits or other creatures of the night like.

    Have a great community garden planning day.

  3. Tami, Hi and thanks for following my blog. I couldn't find your blog until didn't show up on your profile when you started to follow.

    Tami & David, I have to say that the city animals are ten times worse then any I had delt with on the farm. The bunnies will actually lay and sun themselves in the yard and you can walk right past them!!

  4. Glad it's all confirmed. I'm afraid we aren't allowed fences on our site - although some seem to get away with it!! They are the ones who won't look gates too so the rest of us are vulnerable to unwelcome guests!

  5. Congratulations. I will enjoy following your progress as your garden develops. As to critters...all I have are very aggressive squirrels who stole my Anna Apples, (net bag and all!) and nasty crows.

  6. Congrats - I can see there'll be no stopping you now!

    BTW my first stab at fencing has failed the test of time. (I fence in my brassica patch eatch year until the whole thing is done.) Do you concrete in your posts?

  7. Robin, I can hear the excitement in your voice! and here's one from me: YEAHHHHH! How pleasant to finally know. Love your plans for keeping the critters out; I don't mind sharing our food but when they decide it is ALL theirs, I say no. Just take it slow... don't do like me and try to get it all done at once. :)

    PS: since your plot has increased in size, should you need any more seeds, let me know. ;)

  8. Congratulations!! I know it'll be a lot of work whipping things into shape just the way you want but just think of how great it'll be once you're all done!! I'm doing a little happy dance for you!

  9. GLA, There's no gate to enter the community garden, so fences are a definite must.

    Patricia, I have the worst squirrels here at the house. I trapped 17 last spring. Things were good all I have a new batch to trap. I absolutely hate them!

    Mal, I'm sure at one point the posts will have to be put in concrete. It will depend upon the weather when it gets done.

    Di, I don't want to share anything :) There is a lot to do to get things planted there and many many loads of compost to haul!! Maybe I'll lose a little of my winter fat! I think that I'm good in the seed department for now.

    Holly, Thanks for doing the dance!! I'm doing it too!!

  10. This is great news! Finally you can start planing all things you need to repair there.
    It will be one very interesting spring for you!

  11. Definately get that bunny fencing's incredible how fast they can clear out a garden!!
    I'm so looking forward to seeing what you do with this space. It's exciting to start from scratch. Yes, it's a LOT of work, but so wonderful to see the transformation and to know that YOU were responsible for that!
    Remember---Sue is a picture JUNKIE---take lots and LOTS of them!!!!!

  12. ana, It's going to be one hard working spring for us!!

    Sue, I really wish that the weather would break so I can go over there and start getting some work done!! Don't worry, there will be lots and lots of pictures!!

  13. Great news! Keeping those critters out will no doubt be fun. I don't like to share with them either!

  14. Very excited to see you get started on this project. I do love a good "before and after". So much potential! (and hopefully no gnawing critters!)

  15. robin, i found your blog a few weeks ago and i love it. i'm glad you got the two plots that you want and i'm sure you'll get great results next year. i'm amazed about what you've got on that very small garden last year!!!! i hope i'll be able to make a blog for myself and share informations and advices with all of you, garderners with big hearts. i'm reading now your posts since july and i see what you post about anion. you said you spreaded seeds and you was expecting to get anions. as i know, anion it a 2 years plant. in the first year you spread the seeds and get those very small anions. the next year you plant those small anion and they grow big, they become the real anion that you want. and another thing: dont give up on zucchini. you can do so many great dishes with them!!!! just imagine a pan full of zucchini, big anions, peppers, eggplants, even potatos filed up with meat and boiled with tomato sauce. hmmmm!!!!! (my husband is a greek and i'm romanian and we love to cook and to eat). i'll tell you much more recipes for this great vegetable, if you want.
    i wish you the best,

  16. Hi Jenny, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I am very pleased that you enjoy it.

    Last year was the first year that I had problems with zucchini and potatoes. The Squash Vine Borer got to all of the squash and the voles cot in to the potato bags. This year I am going to take some precautions with the squash vine borer and the potatoes are going back in to the ground. With regard to the onion, I just didn't do well with starting them from seed. This year I will use onion sets since I won't have the time to fuss with them and get the plots going at the same time.

    I really think that you should start a blog and share all of your wisdom and recipes with us out here in blog world!


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