Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Involved to save the Food and

our planet. It's pretty scary what is going on with the production of the majority of food. The masses are not only producing unhealthy food they are also killing the planet and creating disease! Although most people have no idea what they are really eating, more and more are becoming aware of the imminent threat to our food, health and planet.

I have decided to get involved....and all of you can too!! Please go to The Organic Consumers Association join and help in "Millions Against Monsanto Truth in Labeling Campaign". Maybe if more people are aware of what is going on .....Mother Earth and our Food will have a chance!


  1. That looks like a great web site. I will look it over after morning chores. Thanks for the link.

  2. This is so true what you wrote. I am now discussing in one forum the frightening Codex Alimentarius that is already here and accepted by so many. It is scary what is waiting for future generations.
    I feel very pessimistic on this topic and have to say that there might not be any chance. :(

  3. If more people would get iinformed about what is being done to our food or where it's coming from, things could change simply by supply and demand. If the demand on a certain item decreases then the stores won't stock it. Since big business is only interested in money, I'm convienced that the only way to send a message is to inform people to the point that they won't buy the stuff the big businesses are trying get us to eat. I really have no idea why folks will buy those facsimile in looks only of a winter tomato in the grocery stores.

    Have a great food day.

  4. Jane, the site contains a lot of truthful and scary reading!!

    Ana, Although things don't look good...we all have to try to something, anything

    David, Supply and demand is the key here. I have noticed that our local Weis market has been increasing it's local organic foods on a weekly basis....I hope that the trend continues and these real foods will become a bit more affordable!

  5. Excellent looking site! I am going to take some time and wander around it. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  6. this is something that all of you should read
    it scared me to death!!!! this is the future?

  7. Anonymous, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, I am aware of this bill. There is a lot of reading about this on the Organic Consumers Association website. It's pretty darn scary who is trying to control what we eat!!

  8. Robin, sorry I missed this post. Thanks for the heads up and I'm now signed up at OCA.


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