Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working on the Plots - Day 3

The weather was good again today to go work on the plots. I spent a good 3 hours or more over there and got a lot more accomplished. I would have spent more time there. However, tomorrow is "The Italian's" BD and I had to get home to bake bread and a BD cake.

All of the brush is piled up and I started to mark off where everything is going to be.

Pile of junk that will have to be disposed of. I think that the county will pick it up. There were a lot of flower pots with the bottoms cut out. As I'm writing this.... maybe I should keep them to put around the plants when they are first sown. They would be protected from wind that way. I was planning to keep that wire box....but all of the wood is rotted and there is an old cold frame in the back that I can use.

A couple of  beds marked off. I really want to get them all marked so we don't walk on the soil where the beds are going to be.

A few more hours of work and they will be cleaned up and marked off. It doesn't look like I will be able to go back until Tuesday.


  1. Hi Robin, it's really starting to shape now which makes it all the more exciting! What will you build your beds from? Will you raise them? Are you going to put in any trees? You've done so much work and deserve a few days off!

  2. It's shaping up nicely! You may want to consider saving the wire box and replacing the wood if the wire isn't rusted. Then you could flip it over to protect some young plants from critters... perhaps.

  3. That wire on the box could be used to build yourself a handy dandy compost sifter! I remember Dan using bottomless pots around his celery plants. I don't remember if he ever said it worked well or not. Of course, I always find bottomless pots handy for some of my plants, just to raise the soil level so I can plant something up close around them.

    You're really accomplishing a lot. I hope to get at mine by next week!

  4. That's a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in spring:)

  5. Oh wow! The plot is really shaping up. You can tell you worked really hard on cleaning it up. I was going to mention the hardware cloth on the square box might come in handy to sift compost. I see Granny had the same thought.

    Bottomless pots would be good for containing invasive type herbs, such as oregano or mint. You can bury the pots all the way to the rim and plant the herbs inside.

  6. You have done so much in a short amount of time. It's looking really good.

  7. Wow! You kick butt girl. (You are welcome to come over to my house anytime.) Grin.

  8. Mrs. Bok, The beds will be made from some cedar that we already have. They will be raised but not as high as the ones we have here at the house. No, I'm not planning to put in any trees.

    VP, If "The Italian" wants to fix that box...he is more then welcome!!

    Granny, I'm going to stop over there today on our way to my in-laws and put those pots away. They will come in handy.

    rohrerbot, They are getting there! It's going to be great to have a lot of garden space.

    Rachel, It's like eating an elephant...a little bit at a time. I will probably end up keeping the box too. I was a little tired and just wanted the place to look clean.

    Liisa & tami, Thanks...I'm an old German farm girl who can work like a mule!!! :)

  9. You are making progress.

    How do you grow tomatoes as you could use the bottomless pots to give them extra depth.

  10. GLA, Everything is moving along quicker then I expected!! I just plant my tomatoes in the ground with some eggshells in the bottom of the hole and support them with posts and wire. I think that I will use the bottomless pots for some protection when the plants are small.

  11. You sure are getting a lot done. It's so exciting to get it all laid out just the way you want. You are going to have such a fabulous garden.

  12. Your work is really paying off. It looks promising. Nothing like what you started with!


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