Friday, March 18, 2011

Plotting Along an update

The weather has been good and we have been able to get some more work done at the plots.

Bed 1 (3' x 34') on the right I dug last week and added some compost to yesterday. Bed 2, the next one to the left is 4' x 30'. This bed took me two afternoons to turn over. It was covered with abandoned strawberries, a lot of thick grass and a bunch of living weed roots. I put all of the strawberries in a few bucket and added a little dirt to them. Since I had already ordered 75 strawberry plants for the strawberry bed, we don't need them. I was hoping that I would find a gardener to take them. Well, today a new gardening couple at the Community Gardens were there and were very happy to take them off my hands. It was so hot today, that I was afraid they would dry up and die. They took them home to separate them and pot them up until they are ready to be planted.

Yesterday, "The Italian" and I dug bed #5. This bed is 4' x 28' and it only took the two of us 1 1/2 hours to dig it!! Boy, turning over a bed goes a lot faster when you have a good helper!!
Today I went over to the plots by myself to install the bunny fencing along the left side. This had to be done since it is behind Bed #6 which is the strawberry bed. This bed needs to get turned over and ready ASAP!! I think my strawberry plants will be shipped next week.

This fencing was a pain in the you know what to install!! The neighbors to the left of us had installed fence but it was not buried in the ground. I took shorter pieces of fencing that I had here to bury in the ground and attach to the existing fencing. This side of the plot 47' long....3' longer then the right side. Well, I had to dig and cut wire and attach and dig behind the cold frame....boy, I was a dirty mess when I got home. It took me 3 1/2 hours to install that fencing!!!

While I was at the plots, look what "The Italian" made....the gates for the plots!!! Aren't they just wonderful??? We will take them over there tomorrow, cover them with wire fencing, install the posts and put them up!!!


  1. I am enjoying seeing your new garden take shape. So glad you were able to find someone to take the strawberry plants. Tomorrow is another day :)

  2. Your garden area looks wonderful compared to when you began. You may be exhausted from putting the fence in but will be ever so glad you did later in the season. It's always about the preparation in everything.

    Things are starting to ramp up with gardens here in Nebraska. I was out surveying the situation and planning what I will do with the two extra raised beds for this year. I will have lettuce and radishes for the first time ever. Instead of a fence I will build a removable metal cloth screen cap to fit over the top of the beds that will be critter food. They seem to leave the tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and onions alone.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  3. My goodness, that plot looks so much larger with the beds all dug or marked off. You're not going to have a garden, you're going to have a farm!

    Nice gates, Italian!

  4. Rachel, I was very pleased to find someone to take the strawberries. Tomorrow is going to be a great day!!

    David, Putting that fence in wasn't tiring just very time seemed like it took forever!! You better start posting what's going on in your garden...I haven't seen anything for awhile!!

    Granny, Those plots are pretty darn big. My mother in-law calls th plots the farm too!! "The Italian" says thanks :)

  5. You have been really busy! That's a really big plot. I can't wait to see everything you plant in there. And that fencing doesn't look fun to install AT ALL.

  6. you are getting so much done! great work! we are plagued with bunnies tool. fortunately our King of Barncats, Shine, could probably pull down a buffalo if he wanted too - so them rascally rabbits are no match for him!

  7. WOW, that is one big gaarden plot! It looks good. I am so jealous of your bare ground. Enjoy!

  8. WOW it is looks so good. Can't wait to see some green in there :-)

  9. Wow, you've done so much in such little time, the garden looks very nice, it would be really beautiful when the beds are full. I can't wait to see your harvests.
    I love the gate Italian made.

  10. Kaytee, That fencing was a real pain to install...but it's done now!

    Ohiofarmgirl, It's like eating an elephant...a little at a time! I don't know how bad the bunnies are there, but I'm not sharing!! The one gardener told me there is a fox den in the thicket below the gardens and they've been doing a good job taking care of those rascally rabbits!!

    Ali, Hopefully all of your snow will melt soon and you too will be able to see a little green and lots of brown!

    Liisa, Oh I can't wait to get planting in those's going to be wonderful!!

    mac, Thanks, I think my hubby did a great job on the gates!

  11. Robin - what an incredible amount of space. Why bother with a garden at your house if you have this one. From your earlier descriptions it didn't sound or looked that big but now! Wow! The muscles you must have!

    On another note when you take a breather from your garden any chance you can add me to your blog list? Also I don't see my daughter's blog on your list Greens and Jeans. Thank you in advance. :)

  12. Marcia, I have to keep my home garden too, that way we can just go out there and pick what we want to eat on a daily basis. The big garden will be mostly for canning and storage.

    You must be a mind reader!! I was just looking at my blog list this morning and adding to it. I really thought that I was following you and had your daughter's blog on my list.....maybe it's age or just blondness!!

  13. Your garden is going to be absolutely HUGE! It's coming along great! Way to go on the hard work to both of you!

  14. OUr strawberry plants are coming along well in our greenhouse waiting for us to get our strawberry bed sorted!

  15. Looks AMAZING Robin! And the gates! Could I borrow your Italian? There's no way my man could build a gate like that!

    Agree with the bunny fencing! Hate that stuff but it's gotta be done!

  16. This is going to be an amazing garden. The beds are coming along nicely and it looks like the soil is quite good. The sheer size of the area and the open sunshine filled space is really promising. I would be thrilled to have such a great place to garden in!

    The gates look wonderful!

  17. Oh wow, I am so amazed at how much space you have at the plots! How wonderful.

  18. Megan, It's definitely going to be big..the hardest work will be done soon!!

    GLA, I really need to get that strawberry bed in shape this week!

    tami, sorry, I waited a long time for "My Italian" and I'm not sharing :)

    Laura, The soil isn't bad. It will take a couple of years before I have it where I want it though.

    mimi, Thanks...there is definitely alot of room there!!

  19. VERY NICE, Robin! You've gotten so much done. The gates look fantastic. Your plot is going to look so beautiful this summer.


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