Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Monday................6/27/2011

Although I have been harvesting many different crops and herbs this week, I have not been real good about taking pictures and weighing some of the harvests. I'm going to blame it on the hot and humid weather....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I have been picking the dill and putting it in the freezer to use later for making dill pickles, no weights and no pics. I also harvested a couple of Parisienne Carrots this week (free seed from Baker Creek) for our dinner salads one night. I have to say that they were very cute and very sweet carrots....once again no pics.

Two more small broccoli heads were harvested....also no pics. This is a definite for must for fall planting.

Here are some harvests that I did take pictures of.

I pulled one Copra Onion from the plots to use to make baked beans. Although it still had growing to do, it weighed 3.5 oz after trimming. I'm pretty excited about the onions this year. My onion crop last year was absolutely horrible. I also harvested the first pepper of the year. This is a Paprika Pepper. I hang them and let them dry and then grind them to make paprika powder.

The first Heritage Raspberries of the season were harvested yesterday at the plots. I also harvested the first couple of Precoce A Grano Violetta Fava Beans. I took them to my in-laws and we tasted them...boy are they great!

The potatoes at the home garden were harvested due to the plants dying and not looking like they should.

The Little Marvel Shelling Peas are maturing nicely the past couple of days. It looks like I may not have to plant a fall crop for freezing...maybe just some for eating fresh. The snow peas are also doing well this week. Oh...and we got about 16 MWC tomatoes this week. They sure are nice to add to our dinner salads!

The Parsley is definitely out of control I harvested about 1.5 lbs this week. I think that I have enough dried to last us this winter and probably next winter as well!

The first head of Freckles Romaine was harvested.....boy, it was great! There's another head in the garden that I think I will pull today for our dinner salad. The second head has a lot more freckles!

Total Harvest for the week: 14.1875 lbs

Broccoli - 5 oz.
Carrots - 1 oz.
Dill - ??
Lettuce - 11.5 oz.
Onion - 3.5 oz.
Spring Onions - 4 oz.
Parsley - 24 oz.
Peas, Snow - 23 oz.
Peas, Magnoila - 8 oz.
Peas, Little Marvel (shelled) - 12 oz.
Pepper, Paprika - 1 oz.
Potatoes - 8 lbs. (128 oz.)
Raspberries - 3 oz.
Tomatoes - 3 oz.

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  1. Your onion does look great! I have Parsley out the wazoo too...I found a recipe to make homemade facial toner with it ;) I have more than I know what to do with.

  2. So many beautiful vegetables heading to your kitchen. You harvested so many peas!

  3. Allison, I hope that you posted that recipe for facial toner! Do you think it will tone up anything else on my body??? :)

    MKgirl, The crops are starting to roll in!! Hopefully, it will be a good year for the garden!

  4. I never weigh my herbs either, my sidebar just says "always picking" LOL! Everything looks great. There's never enough parsley here, even though it self sows profusely, the Black Swallowtails gobble it and the dill up as fast as it can sow!

  5. WOW! Your pictures are awesome! I planted paprika peppers,too...a first for you smoke them?

  6. You have the fixings for a very very fine meal-YUM!!!!

  7. Wow! Those peas look like little jewels. Enjoy!

  8. I think you did real well, it's hot and humid here in NC also..can't keep up much steam when it's like that.

  9. WE had our first broad (fava) beans this weekend too

  10. Erin, I try to weigh most of my stuff but sometimes you just don't have the time or forget to do it. I have enough parsley growing for 10 families!

    Lynda, I don't smoke my paprika peppers, just hang them from the pot rack in the kitchen. I grind them up after they are dry and I have some free time!

    Sue, We have been having some pretty good garden meals around here lately!

    Barbie, I just got back from the plots and picked some more. They are really starting to mature fast. I can pick twice a day lately!

    Ginny, I can't get much done when it is hot out either. I try to go out early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler.

  11. Sue, this is my first time growing favas. They are so so good. I think that I should have planted more!

  12. Oh I do envy your purple peas! I will be growing some in the fall! Yay!!! And you are gettin a lot of raspberries! I have some Heritage too. If I could keep my daughter from eating them I might have enough for something if I froze them! ;)

  13. With that amount of parsley available, you should make large quantities of Tabbouleh!

  14. Your harvest looks great. I keep eying my onions thinking they might be big enough to start harvesting young. But then I tell myself to be patient. They aren't as big as yours are yet.

  15. I love the way you're able to remember the specific names of your vegetables. Hope you enjoy the romaine, it looks delicious!

  16. Shawn Ann, Those raspberries seem to be disappearing from the frig. I guess that I better start putting them in the freezer if I want to be able to make any jam!

    Mark, I just looked that up. It sounds wonderful. I think that I'll get "The Italian" to make some.

    Daphne, It's so hard to be patient sometimes. I had 3 store bought organic onions here and I just couldn't resist pulling one. I pulled another one today!

    Jody, I can't remember much except for numbers. I have an Excel spreadsheet on this computer and I do a lot of referring to it when I do my posts....especially for spelling!

  17. Fabulous harvest! I love your shelling peas. My mouth is watering. I'm this close to shelling peas. I'm still waiting for them to plump up a little more before harvesting. I cheated and "tested" one pod the other day. They were so sweet. It's been hard to keep my paws off of them!

  18. I love the peas, raspberries, and new potatoes! Lovely images of good food that taste good too. :D

    Our heritage raspberries have flowers and emerging berries developing. The bees have been working the patch hard for the past few days so I am hopeful we will get a nice harvest from them this year. Assuming I can get to them before my husband picks and eats them all. A legitimate hazard when it comes to the raspberries and the blueberries.

    On the parsley... I quit growing it routinely because it always ended up overwhelming me with production. Honestly, most herbs seem to be like that for me.

  19. Wow, your crops are rolling in. I'm growing Hungarian Paprika also, the plant is so productive and full of pods, I have to keep thinning out the immature pods so the plant can grow bigger.

  20. Holly, we are so loving the peas right now. It sounds like your peas will be ready soon!

    Laura, That's what it is all about....good tasting food!!

    I don't know how much fruit I will get from my raspberries this year. Most of the plants were at the plots when I got them. At the time we didn't know what varieties they were and they weren't pruned correctly.

    This year I grew alot more parsley then I usually do. I had read it's a good companion for asparagus. I'm sure that a lot will go to compost. I trim my herb garden back several times a season to keep the plants healthy and producing.

    Mac, The Hungarian Paprika plants are a little smaller then most of my pepper plants at the plots. Maybe I should do some thinning on them as well.

  21. wow! i'm boogled by the peppers! and my eyes bugged out at the peas and maters! and the favas! yipee! great work!

  22. Great harvests! Don't you love it when something works after it didn't the year before? I especially like it when I finally figure out how to grow something though there is always next year for something to go awry! I guess that's part of the reason I grow so many things.

  23. OhioFG, thanks a bunch. We're really enjoying the harvests!!

    OG, I just wish that all of us gardeners could have just one good year of everything!


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