Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peppers, Plots & Spots

and weeds! We have had some very hot weather this week and also some much needed rain. That means the weeds at the plots are growing twice as fast as usual! We presently have four trimmers in the garage and none of them are working. The two cordless are done and the two gas powered ones are not working for one reason or another. I decided that I better get my good big trimmer that I bought for the farm tuned up and working. I found a place where I could get the parts to tune it up and spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday working on it. Of course it was very humid and I just HATE hot and humid weather. After doing everything that I needed to do to it, I poured in the fuel mixture and the fuel was leaking on the porch! Dang, the fuel lines were rotted!! Of course it wasn't just a single line was one that I had to order! Now the weeds will continue to grow until Tuesday!!

A few days ago I found what looked like Septoria Leaf Spot on a few of the tomato plants at the plots. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures) It wasn't on the plants in Tomato Alley. It was on, I think 4 of the tomato plants in the other bed. So, I have spent at least a full day combined trimming, spraying, inspecting and also tying up absolutely every tomato plant over there (32)!! Of course, on those days it was Hot & Humid! Did I say that I HATE hot & humid weather? Well, I just got back from the plots and things are looking good...even the weeds!!!

The peppers over there are doing absolutely amazing!! Here are some photos.

Odd Shaped Orange Bell Pepper

The same Orange Bell plant with some normal shaped peppers

Marconi Bell, the bottom pepper is about 8" long

Quadrato Rosso D'Asti Bell, seed from Granny

Even this little Corona Yellow Bell pepper plant has a big pepper.
This was an extra plant that was sitting at home forgotten that I decided to plant.

Cayenne Peppers

My absolute favorite....Pepperocini!! Seed from Thomas.
I could put pickled pepperocinis on just about anything!!

Tomorrow I'll try to do a post on some other things going on at the plots....and maybe I'll share some weed pictures too!


  1. Don't you just HATE hot and humid weather?

    As to your peppers. I hate you. I'm not even going to be able to pick a peck of puny peppers at the rate mine are growing.

    But.....I don't have weeds! I was beginning to grow a crop of them after being down with the bad back all week, but I bit the bullet and got them all hoed and raked up today. My back hurt by the time I finished, but it made me happy to see a nice, neat garden again.

  2. OK, so I don't really hate you. I'm just jealous.

  3. Look at all those peppers! Granny I'm with you... mine are slow going too. It just doesn't feel like summer here yet. The next few days will be in the low 70's! We will see 82 by Thursday...maybe.

  4. Your peppers are beautiful! Out of 25 plants I have 2 itty-bitty peppers...I'm so envious...maybe I need the humidity...I've got plenty of heat!

  5. Hot humid weather is the worst! I used to live in Illinois-temps in the 90's ALL SUMMER and humidity to match-UGH. You just melted! I'm so spoiled on 20% humidity now-terrible on the skin, but so good for Sue!

    Your peppers are gorgeous-you're certainly in line for a bountiful harvest! Yea!!!

  6. I'm doing the same chore with yours,,,weeding in a hot and humid day.
    HEATED summer has begun in Japan after a rainy season and as temperature up, weeds are also growing relentlessly in my garden.

  7. Granny, If you lived closer I would give you some. I'm sure that I will have way more then we need. I still have some peppers in the freezer from last year! My in-laws freeze a lot of, they will not go to waste.

    Liisa, We had a change in weather yesterday. The humidity is finally gone and temps are back to the low 80's!!

    Lynda, I would pack up the humidity and send it to you in an instant if I could! Hopefully, your peppers will start producing for you soon.

    Sue, This is the third hot & humid heat wave we have had already this summer. We usually don't have this weather until later in the season. It was so humid that the sweat was running into my eyes while I was working on the trimmer....and it was clouded over!

    Takaeko, I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone and there is another gardener out there going through what I am :)

  8. Hot and humid spells blight too!

  9. Sue, Don't say the B word! The plants seem to be doing fine now. We had the big B here two years ago and absolutely everyone in this part of the country lost their tomatoes!

  10. I noticed some septoria leaf spot (or what I've always assumed is that, telling one disease from another is impossible) on my Sungolds. I trimmed it off, but I can't spray until this wet weather is over, which may or may not be today, but I'm going to spray today anyway. None of the other plants are showing any signs of it. I think Sungolds must be very susceptible to it as they always get it first and some of the other just never do.

  11. Daphne, I am also assuming that is what it is. It definitely looked like it. I get in such a panic since we had the Big B two years ago. My San Marzano tomatoes are usually the first to get something around here.

  12. Beautiful peppers! I have the Marconi you now I know what it will look like. Don't move to FL - we specialize in hot and humid this time of year. :)

  13. Just yesterday I found the Septoria Leaf Spot also on one of my tomatoes. Not sure what I should do. Trimming the damaged leaves but some of the upper branches have them also. What kind of spray do you use? All this rain has not been good.

  14. Your peppers look lovely! Mine haven't begun blooming yet. I already regret not growing as many as planned this year (germination issues).

    My tomato plants get some sort of disease each year from soil splash. Usually, trimming out the damaged leaves is enough. Hopefully it isn't anything serious.

  15. Robin, your garden looks great. Mine is coming a long but far behind yours. The peppers are just buds on the plants and the tomatoes are just now blooming. The first of the harvest usually comes the last part of July from my garden beds. The garden has not only survived but flourished in spite of flip flop temperatures, too little rain, too much rain, and 70 MPH straight line winds. So far there are no destructive bugs and no diseases. I have high hopes of a great harvest but there's still a lot of time for things to happen.

    I wish everyone a great day in the garden.

  16. Melissa, Although "The Italian" would love to move to Florida...he knows it is not an option with how heat intolerant I am.

    Johanna, Bonide makes a couple of sprays that can be used for organic gardening. Copper fungicide and Fung-Onil. I know that a lot of organic gardeners will say that this can also cause some contamination. I did use the Copper Fungicide for the initial spraying.l I am now going to follow up with an Apple Cider Vinegar solution: 3 Tablespoons of vinegar (5% acidity) to one gallon of water. Spray in the morning. Good Luck

  17. Rachel, I also had a hard time germinating some of my peppers this year. I couldn't get my Hot Cherry Pepper seeds to germinate at all. I get in such a panic any more of the tomatoes since the Big B. I hope that it's not anything serious either.

    Thanks David, Mother Nature is always handing us something. I think that she likes to keep us on our toes!

  18. Your peppers look great Robin. I've got some...(planted 25) but they're still rather smallish. Last years peppers were a bust so I'm not sure what to expect.

    BTW I laughed about your "trimmer" story. Sounds like my house. Duplicates of everything and nothing works!

  19. Tami,It seems like every year something is a bust! BTW, The Italian and I have only been married almost 3 years now. So we combined two houses in to one. He had one cordless and one gas trimmer and so did I. You can't imagine all the kitchen stuff we have!

  20. We are growing lots of the same peppers! I completely understand about hot & humid, I have lived down here almost 20 years I think and I'll NEVER get used to it! It's like that every day here and it usually to blame whenever I get nothing done outside :)

  21. I'm jealous period!! I've been tryng to save my peppers with D. Earth and Sevin :o) but the bugs must like it they aren't going away:o( and they keep nipping at the cabbage, i took off some of the bottom leaves and piled them up...maybe they will march over to eat them instead...

  22. Love your blog. I have grown Marconi for the past four years. Mine just are starting to bloom...yours are great.

  23. Just foun your blog- fantastic pictures. Thanks, really enjoying reading about your garden.

  24. look at all those peps! i ran over to see your harvest monday - will be checking in later. hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!

  25. Erin, I don't know how you deal with the weather where you live. The older I get...the more I can't stand the heat!

    Ginny, I hope that what ever is eating your peppers stops soon! I had something nibbling on the couple of pepper plants here at the house. I have no idea what is was...but, it has stopped

    Hi Karen and thanks for stopping by, Those Marconi peppers always seem to do well for me. The plants at the plots are doing much better then usual though!

    Hi gardenbliss and thanks for all your kind words. I happy to hear that you enjoy my blog!

    OhioFG, I just posted my Harvest Monday and now I'm heading over to the plots.....those peppers over there are just something! Have a great day!


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