Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Canning..............Pickles, Pickles, Pickles

Due to my cucumber shortage this year, I didn't think that I would get to make all the pickles that I had planned to. I managed to make two batches of Cucumber Relish (2 different recipes) and 1/2 of a batch of Bread & Butter Pickles from our garden cucumbers.

This past Saturday, I went to the farmer's market to get some meat from our favorite butchers. Low & behold, when I walked in the door a local farmer had pickling cucumbers! I bought all that he had, 10 lbs! Yippee....boy "The Italian" was going to be happy! Ever since our visit with Jody, Belle & the boys at Spring Garden Acre, he has been hooked on those wonderful Cold Packed Dills that Belle made and so graciously gifted us with.

The first pickles that I made on Saturday were Bread & Butter Pickles, recipe from Ball Blue Book of Preserving.

Aren't they pretty??

Then I started another batch of Italian Farmhouse Pickled Green Tomatoes.

These were finished on Sunday, since they need to sit overnight.

I also started a quarter batch of Sweet Gherkin Pickles. These babies take several days to make. As always, they shrivled, I didn't take a picture of them. They look horrible. This always seems to happen...but, they do improve after they are in storage for awhile and taste wonderful! If any of you really experienced canners have a secret as to why they do this or a good recipe.....Please do share!!

Monday, I made the much desired Cold Packed Dills for "The Italian". Here's a link to Belle's recipe.

Yep, the big One Gallon jar is "The Italian's"!!

So, that's what's been canning around here! What are you putting up??


  1. Looks so good, Robin! Do you use Ball's Pickle Crisp? I did for my canned pickles and it kept the spears semi-crispy. My canned banana pepper were a bit disappointing though.

  2. Robin-what a great surprise at the Farmer's Market-glad you could get your cukes! Those jars look long does it take the Italian to eat a gallon jar full?

    I've been making more and more applesauce. We didn't have apples the past two years, so this years bounty is really treasured!

  3. Thomas, No, I have never used Ball's Pickle Crisp. I tried several different ways of pickling hot peppers and then decided not to process them and just store them in the refrigerator. No matter what I did, the hot peppers got really mushy after processing. They say you can put a grape leaf in the jar and that keeps them crisp. I don't have access to grape leaves though.

    Sue, I don't know how long it will take him to eat those pickles. I told him that he has to wait several weeks for them to develop flavor. I will keep track though. I will most likely do applesauce and Dutch Apple Pie jam when we get home from our vacation at the end of October. I have to buy apples from a local grower and really like the Granny Smith's. I just might make applesauce with another variety though. Gotta do the pears first!

  4. The pickles look great! I was hoping to try the green tomato pickles, but we got hit with Late Blight, so not this year. Sigh.

    BTW, your harvest photo a few days ago was gorgeous!! So pretty pretty pretty. I love veggies.

  5. Wow it looks like you sure have been busy! That one gallon jar is HUGE!!! I think "the Italian" is going to have pickled insides if he eats all that!

  6. Nice find! We had a cucumber shortage here, too! Those pickles look lovely!

  7. Hey, thanks for mentioning us. I'm so glad "the Italian"enjoyed those pickles. I remember your cucumber shortage last summer. Thank goodness for local farm sales. Now you'll have pickles all winter long! We're still hoping to try your pickled green tomato recipe. It looks delicious.

  8. Thanks Ali, We just love beautiful veggies too!

    Mrs.P, I don't think that he will eat them all at once. I just hope that the jar lasts him through the year! My canning list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter! There is plenty more to come!

    Erin, I was so excited to see those cucumbers! I usually have way too many and end up pulling the vines when I am done making pickles!

    Jody, "The Italian" is in love with those pickles! Who would have thought that there would be a cucumber shortage?? Crazy weather!

  9. Wow! I am amazed by your canning proficiency! It's almost like your a machine.

    I am going to try the pickled green tomatoes this weekend.

  10. I've been busy this week pickling too! Love it! My harvests weren't giant this year, I definitely would like to grow more cukes next year!

  11. Kon, I feel like a canning machine right now! It seems like my canning "to do" list is not getting any shorter! Those pickled green tomatoes need to cure for awhile in the frig. The longer they cure...the better they taste!

    Mimi, This was a tough gardening year for all of us. Your harvests will improve for sure next year. You've done a great job for your second year gardening! Keep on gardening girl!!

  12. Dutch apple pie JAM!?!? Ohmigosh be sure to post.. I gotta see that. And thanks for the reminder about the green tomatoes.. we might get a frost this weekend so I'm going to pick a bunch of the maters, ready or not.

  13. OFG, I posted the link to that recipe in your comments. Enjoy!

  14. I was trying to give cucumbers away early then they just didn't do anything more. They were short round balls. Grew them on fencing for the first time this year but don't think that is what caused it. Had tons of blossoms early then nothing. I made bread and butter pickles which I didn't need just to use of the cucumbers.

    Yours sure look great Robin. I am the only one that eats anything but dill pickles. DB eats dills but I just never think to get them on the table.

    Doing a few jars of tomatoes every few days as they ripen and need to pick green paste tomatoes if it ever stops raining as we are to possibly get frost Monday. Still have shelling beans, cannelloni beans, carrots and beets in the garden to can yet.

  15. I have a ton of pickles this year too! Never made the sweet ones so I can't offer any suggestions. Just the other day, hubby asked me to find a good recipe for them. Shrivled or not, if yours is a good one, bring it on!!


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