Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

The rain has just been relentless! Yesterday we had more then 3"!!! Most of that was from one horrible storm! We probably got another inch of rain today!

Tuesday, I finally cleaned out most of the summer veggies in the cold frame beds and sowed some seeds.

This is the Left Cold Frame Bed
If you look closely, you can see what the rain did to the soil. I will most likely have to re-sow the seeds. There are a couple of carrots that managed to survive the horrible heat, some leeks in the back, a huge pepper plant that I couldn't bear to pull out and one of the celery transplants from the plots in the right back corner. 

This is the Right Cold Frame Bed
The soil in this bed is a mess from the rain too. There are two little celery transplants (they are doing well!) in the left back corner a couple of carrots, a basil plant and one lone onion. It's a good thing that I am behind in my fall planting...or everything would have been ruined! I put netting over the beds in order to keep the Darn Squirrels out! They have been horrible the past couple of weeks, digging in everything!!

Look at my Sage Bush!!

The Thyme is not doing so well either!

These brown sticks used to be Rosemary :(

Boy, we certainly have had the most horrible weather this year!


  1. Hi! My lavender is looking like your sage. Think it'll recover and come back next year? It has been a crazy season- either no rain or way too much, something in the middle would be nice!

  2. At least you had some good harvest before this fatal blow :o(...There's always next year :o) Sorry about that Rosemary < such a good herb .

  3. We finally got some sun today after days and days of clouds and rain. Temperatures are to cool down here, too. I got out into the garden today for the first time in a long time and planted more spinach. If the prior seeding germinated it got washed out.

  4. Here in the desert of Los Angeles we pray for rain! I could show you similar sage looking so stressed because it needs water. I think all we can do is wait and watch...Mother Nature does her thing!

  5. I think after this year-the only way to go is UP. The rains have been relentless here too, though not nearly in the amounts you have had. I'm just so tired of the gloomy weather. And here I was complaining of NO rain all summer. Sigh.

  6. WE're finally getting a taste of summer with sunshine and quite hot (for us) temperatures). We still haven't had much rain and the soil is still very dry - we are still having to water our winter crops.

  7. Hi Julie, My lavender is looking great. I'm sure that the Sage will recover. It is usually green through most of the winter, even under the snow.

    Ginny, I have one rosemary plant in a pot, which I will bring in the house for the winter.

    Marcia, I have a lot of fall and winter starts growing in the basement right now. I'm not putting them out until the weather calms down a bit.

    Patricia, I would happily send you some rain Fed Ex if I could!

    Sue, I year has got to be better!!

    Sue@GLA, The weather this year has just been crazy! I sure hope that you get some rain before the winter hits!

  8. I agree, it's been terrible! Hubby finally mowed the lawn last night but he looked like the Jolly Green Giant when he was done, yuck!

  9. Oh no darn rain! I hope it dries out soon :)

  10. Sorry you're having too much rain. It is sad to see the garden suffering, and nothing you can do to help it. Maybe it'll dry out for you soon. Send some of the rain this way if you can!

  11. The rain has been relentless here too, all week long! Our brassicas are brittle, our tomatoes are bursting on the vine, and the slugs and green worms are having a party! I can't wait to see how your cold comes along. I wonder what else you'll plant.

  12. I don't do a fall crop here but am still trying to get everything harvested and put up before we have a frost which could be this weekend or the first of the week. I am hoping it stops raining so I can pick the rest of the green tomatoes that are left in the garden before the frost. Will still have to cover my drying beans as they are still not ready. The rain has played havoc with a lot of us this summer.

  13. Erin, This weather has just been horrible. You should have taken a pic of the Green Hubby!

    Mrs.P, we get some sun and then more rain! It has slowed down quite a bit and now it's cold!

    HolleyG, I'll pack it up and send it your way!

    Jody, I have Asian Greens, Kale and some other stuff started in the basement. I will plant them out before we go away for sure!

    Wilderness, You better get out there and get that harvesting done. You don't want to loose any veggies....especially since you have a short growing season!

  14. The arrival of rain is the start of the fall/winter season for us. We got some rain off and on all last week, and have a heavy storm moving in for Tuesday. Fall has arrived.

  15. The little carrots do look a bit lonely :( Hopefully you were able to salvage some of the herbs before the rains got you. Hard to believe the year is almost over.


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