Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Monday...............10/17/2011

It's another week of the same harvest.....peppers, peppers and more peppers!

The entire harvest for this past week was picked yesterday at the plots. Although most of the harvest was peppers, I did harvest a few small eggplants, a little bit of broccoli and another small white pumpkin.

We are going on vacation later this week and it looks like we may get our first frost while we are away. I don't think the house/garden/pet sitter will want to truck over to the plots to pick the last of the peppers. So, I harvested everything that was a decent size. 

A little broccoli, a few small eggplant and some hot & spice peppers.

Probably the last of the sweet peppers from the plots.
These were given to my in-laws and sister in-law. I still have two pepper plants at the house which will be pulled before we leave.I thought that there were about four large peppers on those two plants. After taking a closer look, I think that there are about a dozen.

I just totaled my pepper harvests to date for this year. Sweet Peppers - 47.75 lbs  Hot & Spice Peppers 27.3 lbs. It's definitely been the year of the Pepper!

Total weighed harvest for the week: 10.375 lbs

Broccoli - 2 oz.
Eggplant - 16 oz.
    Hot & Spice - 18 oz.
    Bell - 98 oz. (6.125 lbs)
White Fortna Pumpkin - 32 oz. (2 lbs)

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  1. Nice harvest. I wish I could grow pumpkins, but the vine borers always take them down. But my Black Futsus will fill in for them I guess.

  2. Ohhh eggplant still? Mine kicked the bucket long ago. Looks good.

  3. I just harvested all my peppers, too! It was a good pepper year for me =) Nice harvest!

  4. Daphne, The borers got into my orange pumpkin but not the white. My other pumpkin variety just said field pumpkin. I have read that the Kentucky Field & Dickinson Field are considered C Moschata and should be resistant. Have you ever tried them? I'm going to plant one of those next year and see what happens.

    Jane, My eggplants have all been so so small this year with the exception of the Rosa Bianca. I am sure that these are the last of them.

    Dorothy, I still have about a dozen peppers here at the house to be harvested today. How many peppers can two people use in a year???

  5. Wow that is a lot of peppers you have pulled in this year! Your plot garden and house garden combined gave you really good production this year. Do you know yet for sure if you will be relocating the plots this spring?

  6. Laura, We did get a good harvest in spite of the horrible weather and problems this year.

    I am one of five gardeners picked for the Garden Move Committee. Our first meeting was supposed to be when we got back from vacation. It has been recently moved to the week when we will be away. I will not know any details until we get back unless she e-mails me the results from the meeting. I am sending in my thoughts, questions and ideas. Maybe I should call in during the meeting to participate!

  7. Robin, that's a lot of peppers for this time of year! You're right, this has definitely been the year of the pepper. I really do love the look of those yellow habaneros that you grow.

  8. Nice to see you are still harvesting. I have to go to the plots but I don't think anymore will be ready.

  9. What an inspiring harvest! So many peppers!!! I'm down to fall goodies, so I'm drooling a bit over your still producing summer veggies!

  10. Robin your harvest is wonderful. I managed a few leeks, two pumpkins and the last of the peppers.

  11. Wonderful harvest photos. We never got heat this summer so I never got peppers...just one plant produced: a small jalapeno. And my eggplant is still alive and has not thrown one flower nor produced one eggplant. Ah well...there's always next year.

  12. That's a great pepper harvest! It all sure looks pretty in a basket.

  13. Great Harvest. It sure is nice to have something from the garden at this time of the year

  14. Thomas, Those habaneros are just so pretty and big too! I am drying them and making habanero powder for cooking.

    Wilderness, I just pulled the last two pepper plants at the house this morning and got another 3 1/2 lbs! Just crazy! It's a good thing that my best friend just loves peppers and is taking these off my hands.

    BeeGirl, I would so love to have some fall goodies! I guess we always want what we don't have!

    Lynda, I just harvested four leeks today as they needed to come out before we go away. I sure wish that I had more orange pumpkins this year.

    Patricia, You West Coast people really had a cool summer! Just crazy weather this year! Hopefully things will be a little more normal next year!

    Thanks VP, It's been pepper mania around here this year!

    Mrs.P, It sure is nice to still have fresh veggies. I think it's going to be awhile for my fall and winter cold frame crops. I was late getting them started.

  15. It looks delicious as usual. What are you doing with all those peppers?

  16. Wow! More peppers?!? It has been quite a year for peppers. I finally finished chopping and freezing the last batch for the year. They do make a pretty harvest with all the colors. Cute bonus eggplant and broccoli too.

  17. Jody, I have frozen peppers, roasted peppers, pickled peppers and these peppers were given to my in-laws to freeze. I also picked another 3 1/2 pounds of bell peppers today here at the house!

    Rachel, I bet that next year we will have a pepper shortage!

  18. That is an amazing amount of peppers! With the price of peppers being what it is, you have grown a lot of $$ worth of them.

  19. Wow, those are good looking peppers, I like the yellow peppers (hab?) in the first picture.

  20. Villager, My neighbor told me that peppers are going for $5.99 a pound! That's crazy! I guess that I should check out produce prices when I go to the store. But, we don't buy any, I never look.

    Mac, Yes, those yellow peppers are habaneros. They are so pretty.

  21. I love all the sizes and shapes of peppers. And you've had so many. Do you preserve them?

  22. Mmm I expect a frost at any time now!

  23. Hi liz, yes I have preserved a lot of peppers this year. The bells are either sliced or chopped and then frozen. I also roast some of the red bells and freeze them in small portions to thaw later and dress with olive oil and garlic. The hot peppers have been pickled or dried and then ground. I'm also working on some hot sauces.

    Sue, We were supposed to get a frost this coming week. It looks like the forecast has changed though. We usually have one around the middle of October.


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