Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little bit of Canning and...

cooking going on around here. I spent the weekend doing a lot of cooking and canning. I made a batch of Roasted Red Pepper Spread. It was a lot of work and tastes good. However, I think that we will mix it with cream cheese when we use it. I also made a batch of Eggplant Caponata. It's absolutely wonderful!! I even got an "A OK" approval from "The Italian" and his family. The recipe (minus the pine nuts) is from the cookbook "The Silver Spoon". This is "The Italian Cooking Bible" which is now available in English. An additional batch of Hot Pepper Jelly was also made in between some baking (for my sister-in-law's BD) and making a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.

I forgot to take pictures of the Black Forest Cherry Cake and Lemon Squares that I made. The cake is a traditional German cake. I make a three layer dark chocolate cake and marinate cherry filling in Cognac for a couple of days. Then spread the marinated cherry filling between the layers, make whipped cream for frosting and grate some dark chocolate on top. It's absolutely wonderful! The Lemon Square are a great and easy recipe from the old "Betty Crocker Cookbook".

Hot Pepper Jelly, Eggplant Caponata & Roasted Red Pepper Spread

I am planning to make a batch of Red Tomato Jelly & Green Tomato Jelly before we leave for "The Big Easy". We will see!!


  1. Yum! Such pretty, yummy looking jars.

  2. Still canning - impressive! I gave up about 6 weeks ago LOL

  3. Robin, that's no fair! I just woke up, and here you have me drooling all over my keyboard. Black Forest Cake is to die for! Lemon Squares are a close second to die for! So what do I get to eat? Toast and coffee.

    LOLOL!!! My verification word is damnu. Is that fitting or not?

  4. The Mom, thanks, we will enjoy them over the winter

    Erin, It's not that impressive, the amount of stuff that you get done is impressive!! I didn't get as much canning done as I had hoped this year.

    Granny, I really don't believe that was our sweet Granny's verification word LOL

  5. Oh wow, look at all your canned goodies. It looks amazing! You'll be loving this during the cold winter months.

  6. Oh, you were busy this weekend! Don't you just love being able to look at all your canned stuff after it's all done?? Such a warm cozy feeling. I still want to make some pepper jelly before my peppers go bad. Maybe tonight!


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