Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day..............Update

I have to say that "The Italian" always surprises me when it comes to gifts. He always puts a lot of thought in to the gifts that he gets me. Sometimes the gifts are extravagant and sometimes they are simple...but, they are always with a lot of thought and lots & lots of love.

We've have been on an M & M kick lately....Aren't they pretty??

Bring up the tea: I bring him tea in bed when he reads in the early morning
Farmer Robin: You can figure that one out!
N.O. Our Town: New Orleans is our favorite place and we visit there a couple times a year
Love T.: "The Italian's" real name starts with a T

Although I ordered his present over a week ago, it was just shipped today!! This is what he is getting

Guess who is going to be doing the freezing this season???
He will just love it....he is a kitchen gadget junky!!

Guess What I just got???

A Big Bouquet of These!!!


  1. Wow, my Husband doing the freezing would be a gift for ME! Love the candy.

  2. Love the M&M's. And I am sure he will love the foodsaver! Enjoy!

  3. Cute! You'll have to report out on the foodsaver, I am curious!


  4. Happy Valentine's Day dear Robin. Love the messages! He sounds pretty special. ;)

    We were talking at the pool this morning: one lady said some of the new idea m& m's have messages such as "I can't stand you anymore". lol
    weird sense of humor

  5. What a guy, this Italian of yours:)
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. Awww! Love the personalized M&Ms...I got a planting jig for V'day...always practical, my Fitzgyver :)

  7. Love those M&M's! What a great idea. And I'll bet he likes his present 'cuz us guys love our gadgets!

  8. Jane, I'm lucky the second time husband does a lot of cooking and he is indeed a Present!

    Shawn Ann, He will definitely love the foodsaver!

    Ali, I will do an update on the foodsaver. We have been wanting to get one for some time now

    Thanks Di, He always thinks of the best things...funny things too!

    Charlotta, He's definitely a keeper :)

    Deb, I got all very practical gardening gifts for Christmas...I just loved them!

    Villager, Did you know that you can even put pictures on M&M's?? Oh, he will be freezing everything. He is the one who weighs, marks and dates everything that goes in to the freezer..not me!

  9. M&M's are very pretty, great idea for a present. And no Valentine day should go without a red rose!

  10. Love those m&ms. Yum! I love my sealer. I'm sure he will too! I even use it for stuff I don't freeze like dried apples.
    And the roses - lovely!

  11. Oh, he will LOVE the vacuum packer. We are on our second one, and I honestly believe it has saved us lots of $. In fact, I have 2 small packs of pesto and some smoked, pulled pork on the counter for dinner tonight, made and vacuumed last summer. Have fun with it!


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